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  • Mandy Queen

Getting Noticed: Enhancing FMCG Brand Visibility in Hong Kong

Updated: Apr 26

In my previous blog, "Maximising PR & Marketing Impact with the PESO Model™," I highlighted the effectiveness of the PESO Model™ strategic framework for building credibility and driving sales. Having seamlessly integrated it into my agency's approach, it's become a cornerstone of our service offering.

In today's competitive market, brands must find ways to stand out in Hong Kong. One approach incorporates the PESO model—Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media channels. Let's explore briefly how FMCG brands can leverage this integrated approach to boost their visibility and engagement in Hong Kong.

Paid Media: Investing in advertising placements on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn ensures messages reach the right audience, increasing brand exposure within Hong Kong's dynamic landscape.

Earned Media: Building relationships with local journalists, influencers, and key opinion leaders is crucial. Crafting compelling stories tailored to the Hong Kong market can earn media coverage that resonates with local consumers, boosting brand visibility and credibility.

Shared Media: Engaging with audiences on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or, lesser so, X (Twitter) fosters community engagement. By encouraging sharing and interaction, brands can amplify their reach among Hong Kong consumers.

Owned Media: Maintaining an engaging online presence through websites, blogs, and social media profiles is crucial in Hong Kong. Creating tailored content, leveraging SEO strategies, and engaging with followers builds brand loyalty and trust.

Conclusion: By integrating Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media channels, FMCG brands can enhance their visibility and engagement in Hong Kong. At Mandy Queen, we champion the PESO Model™ as a strategic framework. Contact us today for International Brand Planning based on actual results. Let us inspire and guide your brand's expansion in the Asia Pacific.


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