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Successful Trade Show Participation 5: Trade Show Performance

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

This article will focus on the critical phase of being on the show floor. After all the pre-event preparations, it's time to shine and make the most of your presence at the trade show. Read on to discover the essential steps to drive traffic to your booth and ensure that your company stands out on the trade floor.

When it comes to trade shows, it's time to unleash your inner performer.

Imagine your booth as a stage, your value proposition as the script, your staff as the actors, and your products as the props. What's the secret ingredient that brings it all together? Rehearsal, REHEARSAL, REHEARSAL! Surprisingly, a survey by the Center of Exhibition Industry Research found that only 26% of exhibitors conduct training for events. Not only does the lack of training impact your staff's effectiveness, but it also undercuts your professionalism.

Training is critical to reinforce your key messages and product information. It also enhances your staff's "boothmanship" i.e. how to engage visitors, ask probing questions, extract relevant information and even the effective use of giveaways.

Get ready to steal the show with impeccable "boothmanship" skills!

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