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Successful Trade Show Participation 4: Maximising Organiser Resources

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Trade show organisers offer more than just booth space. In this blog post, we will explore ways to maximise the resources provided by trade show organisers.

Attendee Demographics: Request attendee demographics from the organisers to gain insights into your target audience. Tailor your message and offerings accordingly.

Explore Sponsorship Opportunities: Take advantage of potential sponsorship items offered by the organisers. Consider options such as interviews in their visitor magazines, venue banners, or sponsoring badge lanyards or trade show bags to increase your visibility among attendees.

Marketing Materials: The organiser may provide access to ready-to-use assets, including social media content and email marketing graphics. By leveraging these professionally crafted materials, you can amplify your brand's visibility, engage with your target audience, and drive more traffic to your booth.

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MQPR has done PR and Marketing for 40 trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences. They have worked both in-house and as an agency, so they have lots of insights on maximising participation at these events. Contact us if you want to boost your trade promotion.

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