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Crafting Success: A Case Study in International Expansion Through Artistic Collaboration

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As described in previous posts, international expansion success hinges on more than the quality of the product—it requires an understanding of local culture and market nuances and, in most cases, integrating these elements into your marketing activities. I've previously written about packaging, adapting to local flavours, and working with local ambassadors. In this blog, I share another case study where a client recognised the importance of resonating with local audiences. In this case, the client collaborated with a world-renowned Asian artist to introduce their brand into the market.

Several years ago, we were hired by the owner of a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company that wanted to introduce a super premium alcohol brand to the discerning consumers of Asia. The client understood that simply importing their product wasn't enough—they needed a strategy that resonated with the local audience and a bottle that could command attention and be a focal point amidst competing brands in a bustling premium bar.

Understanding the potency of distinctiveness, storytelling, and establishing a standout brand in Asian markets, our client collaborated with a world-renowned Asian artist to craft a bottle that would captivate bar patrons. Emphasising the importance of inclusivity and collaboration, our client involved the designer in every journey stage, from conceptualisation to launch.

This approach helped Mandy Queen PR to create a lavish launch event, where the designer's presence was an added attraction for journalists and influencers. Journalists from top-tier publications like Tatler, Prestige, Foodie, Bar Talk, and Asia Hotel & Catering Times read by the target audience attended to witness this unique bottle's unveiling and meet the designer. As well as serving the drink and arranging interviews with the brand owner, we placed the bottle on a plinth, similar to an expensive art piece.

This strategy resulted in nearly 30 articles about the brand's Hong Kong debut. This success story again emphasises the transformative impact of local collaboration. The buzz generated by the launch event reached social media channels, sparking conversations and driving consumer awareness. This serves as a reminder to businesses navigating global expansion: to connect with consumers truly, storytelling, collaborating with cultural leaders, and understanding and embracing local trends are vital.


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