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  • Mandy Queen

From Local to Global: Three Tips for Localised Communications

Updated: Jan 26

A Photo of Hong Kong from The Peak
Hong Kong

In the ever-expanding global market, the success of your communications relies heavily on the ability to adapt messaging for different regions. Collaborating with an experienced agency, such as Mandy Queen PR, can significantly benefit your approach. Here are three essential tips for successful localised communication successfully:

1. Stay Informed with Local News:

It is crucial to stay updated on local news and understand its implications for your messaging and distribution timing. Stay updated with current events and align your message with trending topics and issues. Ensure your message resonates with the local news landscape, establishing a connection with the audience through timely and relevant content.

2. Cultural Events and Holidays:

Benefiting from our agency's knowledge of local cultural events and holidays for strategic campaign planning is essential for effective localisation. We recommend ensuring your messaging is culturally relevant by strategically incorporating local events and holidays like the Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival in your communications plans.

3. Proper Translation and Localisation:

Ensuring accurate and culturally sensitive messaging through professional translation services is paramount. Collaborating with our agency to adapt language and tone appropriately for the target audience is key. Work closely with us as we have tried and tested several translators to guarantee your messaging is accurately translated and culturally resonant, avoiding potential misunderstandings and ensuring your communication aligns seamlessly with the local audience and your brand positioning.

In conclusion, when expanding your brand into a new market like Hong Kong, localisation of your approach and messaging is super important. This is impossible from overseas and should be handled by a local agency. Contact me at for more information.


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