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A Recipe for Success: Localising Your Brand For Global Success

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Expanding your brand into a new market can be exciting and challenging. Hong Kong, with its vibrant culture and discerning consumers, is a fantastic destination for businesses looking to grow. While the usual strategies for expansion are essential, there's a key ingredient that can make your brand stand out and win the hearts of the locals – "localisation."

Localisation is not just about language and adapting to local customs; it's about connecting with the local community. One great example is a past client of Mandy Queen PR, who opened a new bar in Hong Kong and sought to stand out from a highly competitive environment. This approach could be applied to several sectors.

Our client hired a successful mixologist, someone well-versed in the tastes and preferences of Hong Kongers. This mixologist created a unique cocktail menu inspired by the city's various neighbourhoods around the bar. Each drink was named after a local area and infused with ingredients that resonated with the flavours of Hong Kong. It was a genius idea!

This creative approach connected with the community and put the bar on the map. Our client's approach to localisation in Hong Kong helped Mandy Queen PR garner attention across the media and social media platforms, attracting customers from all over the region.


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