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Unlocking Prosperity: Elevate Your PR and Marketing for Chinese New Year

One of the most important dates in the Chinese calendar is next month - Chinese New Year on 10 February. 

This recent South China Morning Post article offers insights into the art of wishing people a prosperous New Year. A common saying during this festive season is "gung hei faat choi" or "gōng xǐ fā cái," also expressed as "kung hei fat choi!" These are often said while presenting beautifully decorated red envelopes filled with fresh Hong Kong dollar notes.

While this special occasion is a time to celebrate, it's also an opportunity to optimise your PR and marketing. The media have been looking for compelling stories around Chinese New Year since before Christmas, and the content search continues this week. At Mandy Queen PR, we have delivered several campaigns around Chinese New Year, from FMCG media campaigns to special Chinese New Year dinners aligned with the Chinese Zodiac for influencers.

The Chinese Zodiac has a lot of significance during the Chinese New Year, too. This year's Chinese Zodiac Sign is the Wood Dragon, symbolising power, nobility, honour, luck, and success in traditional Chinese culture. Integrating the Dragon theme into campaigns, packaging, and advertising is a good idea for the coming year.

Sixty years ago, during the last Wood Dragon year, Queen Elizabeth inaugurated the Fourth Suspension Bridge in Scotland, and NASA launched its Mariner spacecraft to study Mars. What milestones await us this year? The answers to these questions and your horoscope insights can be discovered in this article. I am pleased to read that mine indicates great success for 2024.

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