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Introducing PR Strategy Refinery! Polishing Your Path to Success!

Updated: Feb 23

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, establishing a robust presence and continually and effectively managing your brand's image is paramount. You may have considered hiring an in-house PR and Marketing director or expanding your senior team to accomplish this. However, this may result in a strain on your HR department and finances. Furthermore, there's no assurance of immediate performance.

Here at Mandy Queen PR, we present an innovative solution that allows you to enjoy more effective and comprehensive public relations and marketing services conveniently bundled into one offering: PR Strategy Refinery.

Why PR Strategy Refinery Represents Your Ideal Choice

1. Cost-Effectiveness: Bid farewell to the financial commitment of hiring a full-time PR Director.

2. Specialised Expertise: Elevate your PR strategies with our diverse industry experience.

3. Flexibility: Access expertise precisely when required for specific projects or campaigns.

4. Network & Relationships: Reap the benefits of our extensive media and stakeholder connections in Asia.

5. Objective Assessment: Receive impartial evaluations and customised growth plans.

6. Geographic Reach: Overcome geographical limitations with our global expertise.

7. Diverse Skill Set: Harness versatile skills for impactful PR, including digital marketing.

8. Temporary Skills Gap: Seamlessly address skills gaps within your internal PR team.

Tailored Consultations

With PR Strategy Refinery, you can schedule half-day consultations twice a month with me. Boasting almost 25 years of experience across 100 organisations, including FTSE 100, I will scrutinise your activities and plans, offering invaluable guidance and input. This bespoke approach ensures that your strategies align seamlessly with your sales and branding objectives, propelling your business towards success.

Our services empower you to enjoy the advantages of a PR and marketing Director without the substantial price tag. PR and Marketing Director services are available on a monthly retainer basis, with a minimum commitment of six months and two half-day consultations per month. Each half-day consultation is priced at £600. To embark on this transformative journey, we invite you to book a free 15-minute consultation with us.

Our Comprehensive Services

With PR Strategy Refinery, we offer a range of services to supercharge your PR and marketing efforts:

1. Strategic Communications Planning: We collaborate closely with you to craft a comprehensive, integrated public relations strategy aligned with your sales and brand objectives.

2. Social Media Strategy: Our guidance assists you in selecting the right platforms and content for your business and equips you with the tips and tools to craft and execute compelling and engaging campaigns that meet your sales and brand objectives.

3. Stakeholder Identification & Audience Targeting: We define your target audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviours and identify crucial stakeholders to ensure the success of your campaigns.

4. Thought Leadership: We assist you in developing a unique biography and story about your expertise, help you shape your valuable insights, expertise, and innovative ideas and build the presence of your personal brand.

5. Media Relations: We provide guidance in identifying the right journalists, nurturing relationships, crafting compelling stories and pitches, drafting press releases, and efficiently following up.

6. Crisis & Reputation Management: We offer invaluable guidance on managing your reputation and minimising the impact of crises. We help you prepare plans, statements and responses, provide media training to key spokespersons, and manage the flow of information to mitigate damage and maintain stakeholder trust.

In addition, I can help you to create a brief for PR agencies, which includes realistic KPIs. With PR Strategy Refinery, Mandy Queen PR is dedicated to refining your path to success by delivering expert guidance, strategic planning, and a wealth of experience that empowers your brand to shine in today's competitive market.

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