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Celebrating World PR Day: 143 reasons to do public relations

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

In 2020, I wrote a blog detailing the many ways that public relations is beneficial to organisations. Today, I've added a further 44 REASONS to celebrate World PR Day, 16 July. I still occasionally get called a publicist, which only describes a small amount of what public relations professionals do...This list is for anyone that doubts the value of public relations.

Public Relations….

1. increases awareness of your brand

2. can change behaviours

3. increases sales

4. drives website visitors

5. can attract investors

6. helps you to tell your story simply

7. attracts talent

8. builds communities

9. highlights your corporate social responsibility activities

10. engages the community

11. makes you successful

12. discovers brand sentiment

13. engages customers

14. enables you to charge more for your services

15. is much much more than media relations

16. can increase queries about your business

17. can visually tell your story

18. profiles your executive team

19. obtains global reach

20. builds trust

21. provides effective mediation

22. increases SEO

23. announces new employees

24. establishes you as a thought leader

25. creates memorable speeches

26. cultivates the perfect soundbite

27. refines your key messages

28. drives enquiries

29. creates interest

30. increases profits

31. evokes emotions

32. changes perceptions

33. encourages brand recall

34. shares knowledge

35. generates excitement

36. will react quickly to any issues

37. creates loyalty

38. focuses on human interest

39. creates empathy

40. generates media interest months later

41. creates an online presence far longer than advertising

42. establishes thought leadership

43. dissolves disputes

44. improves credibility

45. reaches large audiences

46. helps you to get your story in front of the right person

47. transforms your business

48. converts sales leads

49. delights customers

50. helps you to be found online

51. generates fresh new ideas

52. has a proven return on investment

53. attracts the media

54. starts conversations

55. generates great social media content

56. is shareable

57. generates word of mouth

58. helps to raise money

59. steers the conversation

60. helps you to get close to your customers

61. can be monetised

62. provides an ongoing newsroom

63. leads the news agenda

64. helps to set key messages

65. is cost-effective

66. provides continuous new content

67. is measurable

68. identifies potential risks

69. reduces reputational risks

70. improves quality of conversations with employees

71. grabs attention

72. provides an ethical contribution

73. modifies behaviours

74. announces growth

75. spotlights success

76. boosts staff morale

77. helps you to launch something new

78. covers government relations & public affairs

79. is creative

80. starts a new trend

81. maintains goodwill

82. enhances online presence

83. analyses share of voice

84. hijacks the news agenda or newsjacking

85. makes digital work harder and further

86. provides corporate governance

87. will deliver organisational objectives

88. drive audiences to your social channels

89. can create memorable campaigns

90. boosts demand

91. obtains public support

92. optimises social media channels

93. tells customer stories

94. keeps employees informed

95. encourages social conversations

96. breaks stigmas

97. educates the public

98. ensures consistent messaging

99. is research-based

100. Establishes strategic partnerships

101. Enhances brand storytelling

102. Supports product endorsements

103. Demonstrates social responsibility

104. Builds brand equity

105. Enhances crisis preparedness

106. Creates brand advocates

107. Increases brand longevity

108. Generates positive online reviews

109. Boosts customer loyalty programs

110. Facilitates market research and feedback

111. Supports fundraising initiatives

112. Expands market share

113. Provides competitive intelligence

114. Improves customer service and support

115. Fosters community engagement

116. Drives traffic to offline events

117. Positions your brand as a trendsetter

118. Supports influencer collaborations

119. Enhances brand positioning in search results

120. Drives word-of-mouth referrals

121. Boosts brand recognition in target markets

122. Helps overcome negative perceptions

123. Improves relationships with industry analysts

124. Generates media interest during slow periods

125. Increases brand trustworthiness

126. Facilitates product demonstrations and trials

127. Supports rebranding efforts

128. Enables effective crisis communication

129. Builds anticipation for new product launches

130. Enhances customer loyalty programs

131. Supports cause-related marketing initiatives

132. Establishes trust with key stakeholders

133. Promotes industry research and studies

134. Boosts brand visibility at trade shows and conferences

135. Enhances customer experience and satisfaction

136. Supports internal communications campaigns

137. Drives traffic to online marketplaces

138. Facilitates cross-promotion with complementary brands

139. Increases customer referrals

140. Improves brand perception among investors

141. Boosts brand presence in local communities

142. Supports corporate repositioning

143. Enhances brand perception among employees

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