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Campaign Achievements: Demonstrating ROI and Impact in an international market

As a PR and marketing professional who has served in-house and in my agency, delivering measurable results is incredibly important to me. It shows my ability, ensures I retain clients and proves the power of public relations and marketing.

My campaigns are crafted with a clear value proposition, focusing on creating compelling, benefit-driven content that drives tangible outcomes. Here are some of the remarkable successes I've achieved with my team for my clients through strategic media relations, influencer engagement, social media marketing, events, and digital marketing.

My approach is centred around understanding the needs and goals of my clients and then developing integrated campaigns that attract and convert their target audiences and ensure sustained engagement and satisfaction. The following infographic highlights five outcomes from my strategic efforts:

1. Leading the Charts on Trip Advisor

  • Achieving the No. 1 spot on Trip Advisor for the last two restaurants launched in Hong Kong. This success underscores my ability to drive brand visibility and consumer engagement in a competitive market.

2. Boosting Trade Show Buyer Registrations

  • Generated 400 new buyer registrations for a global APAC-based specialist cosmetic trade show. This demonstrates my expertise in targeted outreach and my ability to drive participation in industry events.

3. Driving Event Footfall

  • Our campaign attracted 14,000 visitors to an arts and science festival in Central Hong Kong. This highlights my proficiency in event promotion and my capacity to generate significant public interest and attendance.

4. Securing Investment Success

  • I played a pivotal role in helping two entrepreneurial clients secure nearly US$300 million in investment. This success story showcases my capability to enhance investor relations and support business growth.

5. Amplifying Charity Awareness through Social Media

  • My most successful social media campaign achieved an astonishing reach of 700 million. Many of my commercial campaigns consistently reached an aggregated audience of over 100 million. This illustrates my strength in leveraging social media to maximise brand exposure and engagement.

These achievements testify to my commitment to delivering high-impact campaigns that drive results, not just vanity figures. By creating remarkable content and leveraging various marketing channels, I ensure my clients' messages reach and resonate with their target audiences.

I can now consult on your campaigns to ensure similar success when entering new markets (or even the UK). Contact me directly for more information on my services and to explore how I can help you achieve your marketing goals. Let's work together to create compelling campaigns that drive success and deliver a strong return on investment.

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