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Seven questions to ask when defining your target customers

In the past ten years I've met a few clients who didn't know who their customers were; clients hadn't thought about it or they would say "everyone" when I asked. It's important to know who your customers are to ensure that your campaigns are successful. By asking the questions below, you will be better equipped to find your customers and address their needs and desires in the language that they can relate to which in turn will help them to choose your products and services.

1) What are their demographics e.g. gender, ethnicity, education, job level, marital status, income, interests and hobbies etc

2) Where are they based geographically?

3) What are their desires? E.g. freedom, independence, health, safety, community.

4) What are their pain points/challenges? E.g. time, money.

5) Where do they find their information? Which media do they read e.g. Tatler, SCMP, FT, Campaign?

6) What does their day look like?

7) What are their values?

These are pretty basic questions to ask but they are a great foundation for your strategic communications planning.

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