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  • Mandy Queen

Why quality is better than quantity in PR

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Up until Summer 2020, my PR agency focused mostly on media relations for clients. Many of the public relations briefs we received detailed how much coverage the client desired, usually in numbers of articles or the number of people they wanted to attend their events.

I would ask prospects and clients "what do you really need?" Some were unsure. But after digging deeper, I would find out that my clients actually wanted enhanced reputation, more customers, more sales, more footfall, increased brand awareness, investment, etc. A better understanding of my clients' goals along with helping them to identify their target audience and define key messages enabled me to put together a smart communications strategy that fitted my clients' business objectives. Almost always, the campaign we executed on behalf or our clients achieved the desired impact. This is why quality is better than quantity when it comes to your PR campaign. And why I wanted to refocus my services to collaborate with my clients directly so that we do the groundwork together. This is what I do - I help my clients to establish a strong and effective communications strategy before moving on to any tactics.

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