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Updated: Apr 20

When I started my own business in 2010, I was at an advantage as I have a background in PR and Marketing, which I had gained within large UK, Hong Kong or international organisations. So while I outsourced my accounting and HR, I was able to apply what I had learned from working in companies such as Scottish & Newcastle and Messe Frankfurt to build and grow my PR agency, Cred Communications in Hong Kong. I'm also an avid reader and have read many books on marketing communications, PR, and branding. This combined knowledge and experience has helped me to build the Women in Business MQPR Communications Programme for female entrepreneurs.

The Programme will set you up for success. This strategy will ensure that your communications activities are more focused and effective before you embark on any brand design or marketing activities. The Programme will also work for entrepreneurs looking to re-position their organisation or pivot or even refine their existing activities.

The programme comprises five hourly sessions and will coach female entrepreneurs to develop a communications strategy that will cover:

· Identifying your strengths, passion, personality and purpose

· Brand values

· Brand voice

· Goals and objectives (vision and mission)

· Key messages

· Refining your target audiences in terms of demographics as well as noting their needs and desires

· SWOT analysis – brainstorming strengths, weaknesses, threats to business, and most importantly, identifying the opportunities you could take advantage of.

You will receive expert coaching from my 25 years of working in communications, from being Head of Communications and a non-executive board member for a UK organisation in Scotland, UK, to running a PR agency in Hong Kong for ten years. I have also worked with clients including BASF, British Council, Economist Events, Emack & Bolio, Foodpanda, Informa, Kipling, Linkbynet, Scottish Government, and Weave Living, to name but a few.

If needed, clients can book further coaching sessions to develop a communications plan based on the MQPR communications method, which incorporates paid, earned, shared, owned media that you roll out in your own time. Or I can be a sounding board for running your business as I have been there and done it!

"Mandy is wonderful, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs help or guidance with their brand. Mandy is approachable and open, which I loved to open up about what I truly wanted my brand to be. I asked Mandy to help me as I had taken the plunge to focus on teaching yoga, away from an advertising career. I needed guidance to find my personal brand. Mandy will guide you to find what you and your brand stand for, who your audience should be and most importantly, especially for me to define your worth. I felt it was more than identifying my brand but also coaching me. It has been brilliant, and already I am attracting clients, teaching what I feel right for me - more restorative/ calming practices and I feel I am on the right path.

Thank you." Cat Borgström Reynolds, Yin, Hatha & Restorative Yoga Teacher, Singapore.


This special offer is only open to female entrepreneurs. Please enquire at mandy@mandyqueenpr.com.

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