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Keep Thy Social Networks Up to Date!

I recently hired an overseas consultant to work for me in a particular city. I didn’t know any consultants in this sector, so I asked for recommendations through a Facebook page dedicated to this industry. This call-out generated a couple of suggestions, which I followed up on.

One of the suggested consultancies didn’t have a website and hadn’t updated its Facebook and Twitter account since January 2021. I was concerned. If I was to hire these people, I might have had to pay them upfront for the work - but could I trust them? What if they took my money and disappeared? I decided not to go with them as I had no idea if they were still operating or were successful at what they did - it didn’t appear so from the outside. The other company hadn’t updated its socials since 2021 but had a professional website. I was still concerned, but a getting-to-know-you-call boosted my confidence. Ultimately, the second agency did a great job.

I recommend updating your social networks if your customers or clients are overseas. It’s ok if one social media channel is not updated, but if all four, i.e, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are not up to date, then potential clients might lose confidence and choose someone else. A website is a must for international reach.

I thought I better look at our socials before posting this blog. I realised I hadn’t updated Instagram and Facebook since January 2023; our last blog was in 2022. This experience was also a good reminder that consultants must practice what we preach too!

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