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Weave Co-Living


Weave Co-Living Launch


Hong Kong


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We worked with Weave Co-Living, Hong Kong’s newest co-living space, on publicising the opening of their first property, Weave on Boundary.

Research and Planning

We began working with Weave more than 6 months before the opening of their space in order to develop a strategic, multi-pronged strategy that would ensure interest for a prolonged time period. We conducted lots of research into co-living globally, looking at trends, other spaces, and public opinions on the subject. Each stage of the campaign targeted different selected media outlets, guaranteeing sustained coverage across a spectrum of sectors. After the launch, we devised creative ideas to keep Weave front of mind.


We structured a fully integrated public relations and marketing campaign into four parts. These were announcing the new concept in Hong Kong and the region, sustaining interest until the opening,  media tours on opening and then announcing the success of the new property in terms of further investment. Our campaign was focused on bilingual media relations, pitching for executive profiling interviews with the CEO of Weave Co-Living, strategically timed releases of renders and showroom images and ongoing thought leadership about co-living in Asia. The media tours - filming, photo and interview opportunities on the property - were planned a week before the opening. Post-opening, we also handled the announcement of the investment from Warburg Pincus and another property in the pipeline. 

Measurement and Evaluation 

We achieved:

  • Over 150 pieces of coverage from top-tier publications like Bloomberg, Monocle, RTHK, TVB, SCMP, Oriental Daily, HKET, iMoney, The Standard, Home Journal, U Magazine, Lifestyle Journal, Perspective, Capital, etc. The AVE was nearly HK$3.4m

  • The occupancy rate was 95% within 3 months of opening.

  • The founders received funding of US$ 181 million for further properties. 

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