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CrisisPlanPro: Building Reputation Resilience

A crisis plan is necessary to communicate with your stakeholders with one clear voice across appropriate communication channels during an incident, reducing the impact of a significant issue that may threaten your reputation and bottom line. As always, prevention is vital when it comes to crises; you should strive to avoid any issues that may impact your reputation, and the process of creating a plan will help highlight any issues that need to be addressed before they escalate. 

At Mandy Queen PR, we have several experiences of handling major crises and have a tried and tested plans that we can tailor for your organisation. 

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Reputation Risk Assessment

Identify and manage reputational risk issues before they become crises. 


Reputation Threat Assessment

Assess the threat to the reputation by an incident or issue. 


Crisis Communications Strategy

I'll help you to create a set of statements for scenarios so you know what to say when things go wrong. 


Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

You'll gain the tools to identify and prioritise key stakeholders, fostering effective communications and issue resolution. 


Empowered Crisis Team

I'll guide you in forming a Crisis Management Team (CMT) with clear roles and responsibilities for swift, effective decision making. 


Media Engagement

Better understanding of social and traditional media's roles in escalating a crisis - note that it's forever on social media and online. 

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