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Considering in-house PR or a new team but concerned about cost and results? Mandy Queen PR offers a cost-effective solution with a 20-year experienced Director - PR Strategy Refinery.

With PR Strategy Refinery, we can transform your business by producing strategic communication plans that promote your organisation's positive image and products or services. We can analyse your current public relations problems, identify opportunities, and provide strategic input to help you plan and execute one or several programmes. You will also receive direction on evaluating and adjusting the program for success. We work within the PESO Model, which covers paid (digital ads), earned (media and influencer relations), shared (social media and WOM) and owned channels (websites, blogs, videos). 


PR Strategy Refinery gives you access to a PR Director with over 20 years of experience developing and delivering successful public relations and marketing campaigns for 100 organisations, including FTSE 100 companies. With our in-depth expertise in global campaigns, we also offer fresh perspectives, an international outlook, and cross-cultural proficiency. Our goal is always to ensure that you achieve financial and brand success.

 “Mandy Queen PR were our key partner for many years, managing our media relationships and creating buzz around our proposition. They worked with us through many campaigns, offering direction and inspiration, helping us to frame our ideas, running with us as we developed those ideas into fleshed-out messages, and, critically, making sure those stories got to all the right people and published in all the right places. Their highly personal approach to business means that working with them is not only ‘highly effective’ but also ‘highly enjoyable.’ A class act.” Stuart, General Manager, Emarsys

Here's why PR Strategy Refinery is your ideal choice:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Avoid the financial commitment of a full-time PR Director.

  2. Specialised Expertise: Elevate your PR strategies with our diverse industry experience.

  3. Flexibility: Get expertise precisely when needed for projects or campaigns.

  4. Network & Relationships: Benefit from our extensive media and stakeholder connections.

  5. Objective Assessment: Get unbiased evaluations and tailored growth plans.

  6. Geographic Reach: Overcome geographical constraints with our global expertise.

  7. Diverse Skill Set: Leverage versatile skills for impactful PR, including digital marketing.

  8. Temporary Skills Gap: We seamlessly fill skills gaps within your internal PR team.


Our PR and Marketing Director services are available on a monthly retainer basis, with a minimum commitment of six months and two half-days per month. A half-day consultation costs £600. The range of services is below. Click here or email us at

"Mandy Queen supported FIRST's corporate communications for four years, providing a global press office service, producing and distributing press releases worldwide; managing the associated social media; sourcing, briefing, and managing freelance PRs around the world to support our annual conference; and, the writing and designing of our annual report and quarterly newsletter. Mandy also created a comprehensive annual crisis management plan and helped us prepare statements for any issues we encountered.

Mandy was professional, reliable, and knowledgeable and able to work with different cybersecurity experts from various cultures worldwide to coordinate several communications activities for us and identify potential news stories. She was able to understand our specific sector quickly, repurpose highly technical information, and make it accessible to our global members and media worldwide while protecting and expanding the reputation of FIRST." 

Chris Gibson, Executive Director, Forum of Incident Response Teams



PR Director Services for SMEs: About

Strategic Communications Planning

Working closely with you to develop a comprehensive integrated public relations strategy aligned with your sales and brand objectives. We adopt the PESO Model.

Social Media Strategy

Provide guidance on the right platform for your business and provide you with the tips and tools to create and execute compelling and engaging campaigns that achieve your sales and brand objectives. 

Stakeholder Identification & Audience Targetting

Definition of target audience based on demographics, interests, behaviours. Identify important stakeholders that guarantee campaign success.

Thought Leadership

Show you how to develop a unique biography and story about your expertise and help you to shape your valuable insights, expertise and innovative ideas and raise your personal brand.

Media Relations

Help you to identify the right journalist, maintain relationships, develop compelling stories and pitch for journalists, draft press releases and how to effectively follow up. 

Crisis & Reputation Management

Guide you on how to manage your reputation and reduce the impact of any crises. Prepare statements and responses, provide media training to key spokespersons and manage the flow of information to mitigate damage and maintain stakeholder trust. 

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