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Welcome to Mandy Queen PR, your gateway to the international PR experience with a unique focus on Hong Kong - the heart of the Asia Pacific Region. We're here to offer you a comprehensive suite of services encompassing business advice, inspiration, and strategy packages for your global expansion journey.


Unlocking New Horizons: Our expertise lies in helping you expand into new markets, going global, and opening your eyes to the immense potential of the global market. We'll guide you on how to market yourself and confidently navigate the intricacies of Hong Kong - the gateway to Asia. 


Advocates of Growth: At Mandy Queen PR, we are not just consultants; we are your advocates, empowering you to seize opportunities while understanding the pros and cons of each move. We are your trusted strategic advisors, offering implementation plans that make your visions real.


International Insights: What sets us apart is our wealth of international experience, spanning the UK and Asia, with a strong focus on Hong Kong. We've been both in-house and agency players, handling crises with finesse. Our core strength is crafting tailored, comprehensive blueprints for integrated public relations and marketing initiatives, ensuring you get noticed and heard in the region.


Comprehensive Solutions: From communication strategies to trade show enhancements, post-export marketing to product launches, brand refinement to social media marketing, media relations to KOL marketing, and beyond – our proven track record covers it all. We've not only done it ourselves but have also helped numerous entrepreneurial minds like yours achieve success.


20 Years of Expertise: With nearly two decades of practical understanding in Asia and a background in FMCG and communications in the UK, you'll tap into a reservoir of skills and knowledge gained from our successful campaigns for local and global brands. We've assisted 100 organisations in penetrating the market and achieving both financial and brand success.


Trade Show Mastery: Besides our PR and marketing prowess, we've delivered pre-event, on-site, and post-event PR and marketing for 40 trade shows, conferences, and events. If you plan to exhibit at a trade show in Asia and want to stand out, we are your go-to partner.


Your Success in Hong Kong and Beyond: Your success in the Hong Kong market and your journey to break into mainland China are our top priorities. Let us be your strategic partner on this exciting adventure.


Our Focused Sectors: We specialise in a range of sectors, including Arts, Festivals & Culture, Agriculture, Food & Rural, International Development & Trade, Restaurants & Bars, Hotels & Accommodation, Cookery, Food & Drinks, Professional Bodies & Associations, and Education. We are also well-versed in the dynamic world of technology.

Below is the list of services we offer to help you:

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PR Strategy refinery

Polishing your path to success

Hong Kong Market mastery 

Strategy, Insights, and Success in Hong Kong's Dynamic Market

Expo expert

Elevating Your Event Success

Crisis Plan Pro

Building Reputation Resilience

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